What are body kits

Since cars have been around people have been modifying them to improve not only performance but looks as well. Body kits are commonly used to improve the looks of a car and also the aerodynamics. A body kit is a light weight piece of fiberglass, polyurethane, and even carbon fiber that’s added to the front, rear, and sides of a car. Carbon fiber is the choice for your top consumers, typically racers, because of its strength and weight. However, due to its price and difficulty installing, it’s not the main choice. Polyurethane is used amongst most consumers because it is resistant to impact as well as cost efficient. Fiberglass kits are extremely cheap and are commonly available for low budget consumers, however, they break and chip easily.

Body kits normally come as complete kits which include front, rear, sides, and sometimes a spoiler. Sometimes consumers will use different style front and rear as well as sides to give it a unique look and feel. However, using the same type of sides, front, and rear gives a pleasing look that flows from front to back. Another type of addition that is less commonly seen is a roof scoop. This is basically an addition to the roof with no performance gain and is strictly done for looks. Commonly seen on Ford Mustangs, a side scoop is like its cousin the roof scoop and also serves no purpose performance wise and is added to give the appearance of a more powerful car.

Body kits started emerging as main stream in the late 90s, and exploded in 2001 with the release of “The Fast and the Furious”. In this movie an undercover cop takes cover in an underground racing gang to stop them from hijacking semi trucks and stealing merchandise. The Mitsubishi Eclipse with lime green paint, and a blue and white lightning bolt was driven by the main character was soon to be replicated by many auto enthusiasts around the world. Following the movie in 2001, a popular racing game released a street car edition, Need for Speed: Underground. Many games have since followed including Tokyo Extreme Racer 3 and others.

Ford Mustang Body Kit

The typical car with a body kit is foreign with a lot of performance parts added as well as a body kit. However, as part of a growing trend muscle cars such as the Mustang body kit are growing as part of the body kit community. “The Fast and the Furious” series later included movies that featured muscle cars as well as your typical foreign cars.

Because of the rising popularity of body kits, many car manufactures are trying to keep up with their customers. Many companies are struggling to improve the looks and design of their cars to make them more astatically pleasing for all consumers. Many companies have gone as far as including body kits on their line of cars as a stock feature. Companies are now including ideas of their racing divisions to please their customers who appreciate the look of body kits.